The Cyberforest Project lead by Prof. Kaoru SAITO has started nature sound delivery service in cooperation with Petit Cafe Records Inc. (Tokyo, Japan). The unique nature sounds accumulated by the Cyberforest archive systems are used as soundtracks and delivered to the world by Spotify, Apple Music, or other relative services.

The first soundtracks, titled “Sounds of Nature Japan -Non-stop Recordings by Cyberforest-“, has been launched on February 20, 2020, with the eight tracks as below.

Yamanakako Lake, foot of Mt. Fuji – Early morning birds
Shiga Kogen Heights – Love songs of Forest green tree frogs at night
Hyotanjima Island, Sanriku Coast – Birds chirping near on unattended microphones
Tabushima Island, Sanriku Coast – Streaked shearwaters singing to each other
Chichibu Tetto – Dawn chorus in spring
Chichibu Yatake – Dawn chorus in early summer
Funadaike Pond, Chiba – Sound of crickets in the dead of night
Furano, Hokkaido – Raindrops falling on snow at New Year’s Eve