Course of Terrestrial Environment Studies

The Course of Terrestrial Environment aims to pursue studies on the structure, function and transformation processes of environmental elements in terrestrial ecosystems, including land, water, ecosystems and human societies, both from bio-physical and sociocultural perspectives. Subject, scale, method and application of the outcome are diverse according to the research field, however what we commonly emphasize are education through field surveys and interdisciplinary courses. Various field surveys on environmental elements, including geography, geology, aquatic environment, vegetation, landscape, land use, and human society are conducted to study methods and technologies to analyze, evaluate and plan the environment, while interdisciplinary seminars,studios and training courses are offered to incubate holistic perspectives both in the natural and social sciences. The Course of Terrestrial Environment invites energetic students who are willing to tackle with challenging subjects of building a sustainable society in the 21st century.

Course of Marine Environmental Studies

The oceans cover 70% of the earth, and have inspired adventure, mystery and imagination from long ago. As a crucible of evolution through earth history, the global ocean is a critical component of the earth’s environment. Furthermore, it hosts important renewable and non-renewable resources. Japan, surrounded by the ocean, needs to gain comprehensive scientific knowledge of the ocean, both to sustain and improve the oceanic environment, and to utilize marine resources wisely. Specialists in basic and applied ocean environmental research are therefore in strong demand. The educational program of Marine Environmental Studies is unique in offering unexceptional opportunities to participate in research cruises and other types of fieldwork. Students can observe natural phenomena directly, learn modern research techniques, and pursue their own investigations together with many young scientists from various countries. The Marine Environmental Studies program is designed to provide graduate students with both field and classroom lecture experience, so that they can develop abilities to investigate environmental processes in the ocean and to develop solutions for current and future environmental challenges.

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