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Multi-scale structures formed by the Tsushima Warm Current in the Sea of Japan

Studies on the function and evolutionary significance of divalent metal transporters in marine animals

Foraging behaviour of streaked shearwaters (Calonectris leucomelas) in relation to wind conditions

Microbial Community Composition and Diversity in the Eelgrass (Zostera marina) Bed

Light-utilization mechanisms with rhodopsins in photoautotrophic microorganisms


Studies on the estimation of water temperature experienced during the larval stage of Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis using SIMS oxygen isotope analysis of otoliths

3D structural analysis of ultra-low-angle submarine landslides for the last 6 million years off Shimokita Peninsula, Northeast Japan

Paleointensity of the geomagnetic field around 30 million years ago estimated from volcanic rocks of the Afro-Arabian Large Igneous Province

Targeted mutagenesis of the CYP1A gene in Javanese medaka, Oryzias javanicus, to understand the metabolism of organic pollutants

Tourism Impact Assessment on the Water Environment of Akiyoshi-do Cave and Conservation of Subterranean Animals Regarding Administrator’s Awareness

Study of deep fluids near subduction zones using helium isotopes

Evaluation of urban green space in developing Beijing: based on the matrix of landscape connectivity and bird communities


Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities of secondary Tristaniopsis forests in Indonesia

Structural interpretation of hydrothermal fields, Mid-Okinawa Trough, based on high-resolution acoustic surveys

Study on provenance and transportation process of fluvial and coastal sediments using quartz surface microtextures

Studies on holistic approaches to support sustainable fishery management: application of Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management (EBFM)


Effects of ENSO events and global warming on larval and juvenile transport process of the Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica)

Study on shallow thermal regime examined by methane hydrate bottom-simulating reflectors and distribution of shallow slow earthquakes in the Nankai Trough

Time budget and activity pattern of humpback whales, Megaptera novaengliae in the Northern foraging grounds

Functional analyses of new rhodopsin present in marine bacteria

Quantification of surface environmental changes by high resolution photogrammetry method at multiple times

Studies on motivational factors for environmental education based on indexes of conception of learning

Communities and population genetic structures of ectomycorrhizal fungi in ice-age relict forests of Pinus pumila over Japan

Tributary effects on river valley development since the last interglacial in the Kanto Mountains, central Japan

Improvement of CO2 retrieval method using greenhouse gas observing satellite over aerosol dense areas

Organic complexation of copper in estuary, marginal sea and open ocean

A fundamental research of fine-grained turbidites for reconstructing the seismic history in the Nankai Trough

Deformation process and strength distribution of shallow plate boundary fault in subduction zone

Phylogeny and population structure of bamboo worms (Annelida: Maldanidae)

Breeding strategy of streaked shearwaters

Elucidating target vegetation of coastal sand dunes in Tottori Prefecture, Japan, for ecosystem restoration


Physiological and genetic characteristics of deep-sea bacteria

Development process of incised valley landform and characteristics of slope failure in Shirasu upland, Southern Kyushu

Ecophysiology of three Pyroleae species coexisting in subalpine forests on Mount Fuji: contrasting photosynthetic traits, root associated fungal communities, and trophic strategies

Development and evolution of mountain wetlands related to landslide development and climate change in the Ou Mountains, northeastern Japan

Analysis of Factors Controlling Erosion Rates on a Global Scale Using DEMs and GIS

Studies on the distribution and feeding ecology of Anguilliformes leptocephali in the North Equatorial Current of the western Pacific Ocean

A large-scale comparative genomic analysis to reveal adaptation strategies of marine Flavobacteriia


Dynamics of Terrigenous Dissolved Organic Matter in the Marine Environments

Geomorphological and geoenvironmental approaches for evaluating karst terrain in Guizhou Province, China

Mechanisms Controlling Bacterial Community Structure in Coastal Marine Environments

Landslide susceptibility assessment using machine learning with emphasis on scaling and topographic representation issues

Dynamics of high trophic level species in Tokyo Bay using ecosystem models

Spatial distribution and formation of fluvial knickzones in central Japan extracted using multi-resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and GIS-based tools

Noninvasive analysis of cardiac function of bivalves: Application to keeping of deep-sea bivalves

Early life-history and biogeography of animals endemic to deep-sea hydrothermal vents

Evolutional processes of accretionary wedges constituting the hanging walls of megasplay faults: examples from the Nankai Trough deep drilling and the Nobeoka Thrust


Evaluation of rainfall-induced mass movements and sediment yields in Taiwan

A Study on the Microbial Community Structure, Diversity and Function in the Sea Surface Microlayer

Response of ground beetle community to disturbance

Functional evolution of the GABA transporter group in deep-sea mussels

Studies on habitat use of red stingray (Dasyatis akajei) in Tokyo Bay with use of biotelemetry systems

Study on Atmospheric and Terrestrial Water Circulation Processes Using Stable Water Isotopes

Sedimentary features of the 2011 tsunami layer and reconstruction of paleo tsunami history at the Sanriku coastal area

Method for evaluating the risk of inundation inside the levee using machine learning

Environmental fate of hazardous chemicals and their alternatives in flame-retarded products


The study on geological structure and tectonic relief around the epicenter of the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake

Morphometric analysis of drainage basins in the Western Arabian Peninsula in relation to geomorphic processes and lithologic control

Research on gas distribution, fluid flow and geological structure related to methane hydrate formation

Population structure, life cycle and larval dispersal of a hydrothermal vent galatheid crab Shinkaia crosnieri in the Okinawa Trough, Japan

Distribution patterns and composition of ectomycorrhizal fungi: evaluating the effects of spatial distance, environmental factors, and hosts

A Novel Approach for Monitoring Small-Scale Fisheries with GPS, GIS, and Remote Sensing Techniques

Studies on the Change of Urban Gardening in Japan

Distributions and biogeochemical cycles of platinum in estuaries, the western North Pacific and its marginal seas.

Observation of tropospheric clouds, dust aerosols and polar stratospheric clouds using thermal infrared spectra from TANSO-FTS/GOSAT

A study on the population viability of small cetaceans in coastal waters

Calcification responses of coral reef calcifiers to global marine environmental changes

Systematics, larval ecology and biogeography of Japanese thiarid snails (Gastropoda: Cerithioidea)

Quality and forming environment of deep groundwaters in the southern Fossa Magna region and its adjacent area, central Japan


Late Quaternary changes in the longitudinal profiles of rivers associated with climate and sea-level changes and tectonism, and their effects on coastal environment in Japan

Phylogeographic study of the Asian horn snail Batillaria attramentaria (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

Morphometric analyses of Danxia landforms in China using GIS and DEMs

Lithium isotope ratios in playas, submarine hydrothermal fluids, and rivers: implication for global lithium cycles at earth surface environment

Studies on effects of climate change on ocean environment and fisheries resources in the western coast of Kyushu

Ecotoxic Effects of Nanomaterials and the other Emerging Chemicals of Concern to Aquatic Organisms

Evolutionary history, species diversity and biogeography of amphidromous neritid gastropods in the Indo-West Pacific


Forest Resources Assessment for the Renovation of Historical Wooden Buildings in China

Influence of concurrent sea-level changes, crustal movement and fluvial sediment supply on the development of the Latest Pleistocene-Holocene incised valley fill and its basal topography in the Central Kanto Plain, Japan

Estimation of the forest resources of large size Japanese cypress used for wooden heritage buildings

Geochemical significance of magnesium isotope fractionations in coral skeletons and marine sediments

Study on Conservation of the Natural Tourism Resources by Ecotourism Guide Workers in Japan

Phenology Observation Learning by Image Archive

Dust optical properties over the Sahara and Asia inferred from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

Morphological, ecological, and molecular studies on the larval settlement of thoracican barnacles

Formation of Upper Pleistocene to Holocene depositional sequences and landforms in the Osaka intra-arc basin based on borehole database analyses

Spatial changes in diversity and community structure of harpacticoid copepods around the Kuril and Ryukyu Trenches, north-west Pacific Ocean

Biomass estimation of marine macrophyte debris on the ocean floor

Quantification of Energy Budgets during Foraging Trips in Pinnipeds using Animal-borne Devices

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